Rephael Health Center

Rephael Health Center

Rephael Health Center was founded by Dr. Preter in 1985 in Toronto, Canada.

In 1993 Dr. Preter and his family moved to Israel – where he continued taking care of people in his clinic in Ramat Aviv, Tel – Aviv.

Dr. Preter is a world known chiropractor specializing in 'Total Health through the Spine'. His diagnostic abilities are from the best in the world.

When looking at his patients Dr. Preter  can see the life force and the body. In order to return the body to its harmonious existence and to its balance Dr. Preter developed a unique method called the 'Rephael Method' – where a group of therapists from all disciplines of the alternative medicine, work with him together and based on his diagnosis, manifest  through  the treatments, his prognosis and instructions.
People from all walks of life are Dr. Preter's patients. 

People who suffer from back and joint problems, headaches and migraine, digestive problems, ADD/HDHD, recurring ear infections, support during pregnancy, menopause, sleep disorders, anxiety ect.
The success of the 'Repahel Method' is in the accurate diagnosis and the personal program of care that each and every patient goes through. 

The main focus of the treatments at the 'Rehpael Center' is the root of the problem, that causes the pain, not the pain its self. 

The purpose is to free the body from any stagnation so that the life force that built the body will heal the body.   

Dr. Preter BsC, DC, FIAA, FCPA

For further information please call Rephael Health Center
Phone – 03-6414188
Adress – 4 Barazani St. Ramat Aviv Gimel, Tel Aviv
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